What is home insemination and how to make it successful

Home insemination is a non-medical reproductive technique which can help couples who wish to conceive a child to become pregnant. The process works by carefully inserting a needle free syringe containing fertile semen into the mother’s vagina, avoiding the need for sexual intercourse.

Planning insemination around your cycle

It's a good idea to understand what's 'normal' for your cycle before you start - find out why in our "Know your normal" article.

You then need to clearly identify your fertile phase of your cycle ( pre ovulation stage moving into the ovulation stage). This can be established by detecting your Luteinising Hormone surge via LH Strips, by your basal body temperature and by understanding the. changes that occur in your cervical mucus.

Eive Kits contains the most number of LH strips of any kit on the market, our 3 months kit contains a Basal body thermometer and all our kits contain a handbook detailing all 3 methods of ovulation identification.

Once you have entered your fertile phase of your cycle you should plan to inseminate several times (3 x is ideal- which is what our kits include) over the next few days.

Preparation for home insemination

You will ideally need the following equipment:

  • Semen collection pot - (sterile pot) Fertility Lubricant- if using
  • Syringe
  • Items to make you relax, such as candles and music.
  • Items for arousal
  • Stack of pillows
  • Towel and wipes to clean up.

It's best to have this all set up in advance. EiveKits includes the semen collection pot, syringe and many other items to help you with home insemination.

Conception through home insemination - maximising your success

The following tips are to help you to maximise your chances of success when carrying out home insemination:

  1. Make sure you have everything you need in advance and that the room is relaxing.
  2. The sperm sample should be collected in a sterilised specimen pot - it should be used as soon as is feasibly possible.
  3. Just before applying the sperm, apply fertility lubricant according to the instructions (buy here).
  4. To receive the sperm, the female should lie on her back with her knees and thighs open - she should then have an orgasm as this helps the sperm to successfully inseminate.
  5. The semen should then be extracted from the container into a needle free syringe, and carefully injected into the receiving vagina, as close as possible to the entrance to the cervix.
  6. The female should then be brought to orgasm again.
  7. To increase the chances of conception, the recipient should then remain in the same position for at least 30 minutes. To further improve the chances of becoming pregnant, she can use a pillow to support her hips in a raised up position.