Digital Basal Ovulation Thermometer

Digital Basal Ovulation Thermometer

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A basal ovulation thermometer records your temperature to two decimal places, this allows you to accurately detect changes in body temperature indicative of ovulation.   

There is a slight temperature drop just before ovulation occurs and then a distinct temperature rise of about 0.40 to 1.0 degrees Fahrenheit after ovulation takes place. By plotting your temperature change during your cycle you will know when you have ovulated.

1 x Digital Basal Ovulation Thermometer

  • The thermometer itself is a straight forward and easy to use.
  • This thermometer can be used under the armpit, orally or rectally (most accurate way of testing when using as a basal thermometer).
  • It is self correcting and reads your temperature in under 2 minutes and automatically beeps when you can read the temperature.
  • It comes complete with button cell type battery.
  • The battery life is usually 2 years but less if used every day.
  • The unit should be switched off once the reading is taken but will switch off automatically after 10 minutes if no button is pressed.
  • The thermometer is fully CE approved as are all the items we sell.